Men’s Ministries

Our men’s ministry has as its vision to help inspire, equip, educate, and motivate men to know God more fully so that they can be transformed into the likeness of Christ.
                                                               Men’s Bible Study: Sunday 9:30-10:30 &
                                                                         Every other Saturday 11:00-2:00
Women’s Ministries
The heart of our women’s ministry is to be so established with Christ that His personality and His plans are unmistakably revealed through our lives as wives, mothers, friends and sisters. We seek to develop the gifts that God has put in each one of us and encourage one another in them as we stand together, being perfected and fully equipped, closely joined and firmly knitted together, growing in full maturity and building one another up in His Love. (Ephesians 4;12, 16)
                                    Women’s Bible Study: Sundays 9:30-10:30AM
Widowed, Independent or Divorced
  One Sunday of every month at 12:30PM
  Contact: Michelle Komsie  (330)647-7755

                               Children and Youth Ministries

                                                Contact Jennifer Chalker : (330)718-7982