Friends of 1010: July Newsletter

Hello 1010 Family & Friends,
I hope this July letter finds you well. As many of you know, our church – New Life Christian Fellowship – has been undergoing some changes these past few weeks. As much as it saddens me to say it, these changes have effected (and will continue to effect) our plans for 1010.
Another change you might not be aware of is a positive one: our very own Caleb McCorkle has the opportunity to attend Clear Creek Bible College in Pineville, KY. Since arriving in Ohio at the beginning of 2016, Caleb has been an invaluable asset to the ministry of 1010 Youth Group. While we are all going to be incredibly sad to say goodbye to him, we know that God’s timing is perfect and that everything happens for a reason. Caleb’s last night of youth group will be NEXT Wednesday (July 26), as he is leaving for Clear Creek on Friday, July 28.
In light of these changes, the 1010 Leadership has decided to conclude our summer series a month earlier than we planned. Our summer “Wrap Up” night will now take place on July 26 instead of August 30. This will be the night in which your students can cash in their memory verse points for prizes. If any student can recite every memory verse from this summer, they will have the opportunity to pie the leader of their choice in the face! Since this is not only our summer wrap-up but also Caleb’s last night, we’re extending youth group until 9PM!**
At this time, 1010 will not be meeting on Wednesday nights during the month of August. However, we would still like to follow through with our original commitment to take any students who are interested to “The Fest” in Cleveland, OH on Sunday, August 6. The Fest is an annual outdoor Christian concert. This year’s line-up includes: Laura Story, Matt Maher, Crowder, and For King & Country. Admission for this event is FREE; however, we ask that students bring $5-$10 for food and additional money for souvenirs. If you are a parent or guardian and would like to help drive/chaperone, please let me know!
Our series for this summer has been “More of Him, Less of Me” in which we’ve encouraged the students to have humility and integrity. Our main verse this summer has been Proverbs 16:9, “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” As leaders we made plans for what we thought 1010 would look like this summer, but it is the Lord who is determining our steps. My prayer is that our students will recognize this verse in our actions as we strive to follow God and hear His voice.
In Christ,
Mary Kate Browning

**NEXT Wednesday (July 26) youth group will be from 6-9PM. Students: don’t miss our summer wrap-up, the chance to recite the verses you’ve memorized, & Caleb’s last week!

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