About Us

New Life Christian Fellowship was founded in 1996 when pastors Lee Brockinton (Liberty Baptist Church) and Jim Mashburn (Hope Baptist Church) combined churches. We are a non-denominational body of believers that seeks to HEAR God, OBEY what He says, and TRUST Him for the outcome. 


We Believe

  1. The Bible is the Word of God.
  2. Jesus Christ is the Son of God & the Only Means of Salvation.
  3. You must be Born Again & Receive New Life
  4. Believers should be Spirit Filled and Spirit Led.
     You can read New Life’s “Statement of Faith” here.


Missions We Support

Local and National Missionaries
  • Mahoning Valley Rescue Mission 
  • Warren Family Mission
  • Sheepfold Ministries
  • Penn-Ohio Pastors Prayer Fellowship*
  • Representatives of Christ
  • Free Indeed Prison Ministries
 International Missionaries
  • Southern Baptist Mission
  • Jacob & Jaya Beera (India)
  • Tim & Faith Brennan (Brazil)
  • Lee & Robyn Brockinton (Belize)
  • Scott & Erin Kemp (South Africa)
  • Operation Capital City